I wish to acknowledge the invaluable support of my family and Pat’s friends who contributed to his biography.  Pat’s history would not be complete without their stories which provided the necessary enhancement to the facts researched and discovered during this journey.   I am indebted to the sacrifices of Pat’s friends and colleagues who in 1968-1969 shared and realized his vision for a better world for all people of color.   

~~Tim Salaver, Author~~

Marcy Salaver
Sherelle Johnson
Justin Johnson
Marc Salaver
Daniel Gonzales
Dorothy Gubisch-Yells
Enrique de la Cruz
Helene Whitson
Juanita Tamayo Lott
Karen Umemoto
Luna Salaver
Marciana Echavez-Poland
May Niiya
Meredith Morgan Eliassen
Myla Jessica Echavez-LaRocca
Nicole Villanueva
Ophelia “Nita” Liban
Orvy Jundis
Paul Vorhagen
Robert “Bob” Ilumin
Ronald Quidachay
Vinella Gubisch Garcia