Patrick’s Legacy

Patrick J. Salaver (1945-2019) (1969)

In 1968-1969, Patrick “Pat” Salaver was involved in the San Francisco State College (SF State) student strike as founder and leader of the Philippine American Collegiate Endeavor (now known as Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor) (PACE) and as an active member of the Central Committee for the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) to improve the lives of Third World people at SF State (renamed San Francisco State University in 1974).  He founded PACE in 1967 to help Filipino-American students not only to improve their knowledge of Philippine culture, but more to create the first “socially aware” Filipino group at SF State.  Pat and the other Filipino student activists wanted to educate Filipinos to the contradictions and hypocrisies of American society, to gain control of the political, social, and economic bodies now controlling our lives and to present ourselves as a community,” Pat said in February 1969.  PACE is recognized as a major contributor to Filipino identity and self-determination in the history of Asian American studies and is one of the oldest Filipino-based college student groups in the United States (US).